Disposable Bouffant Caps

These are essential accessories for Surgeons while performing operations and surgeries to ensure no contamination takes place due to harmful micro-organisms.

DIsposable Surgeon Caps

Based on thorough research, our Bouffant Surgical Caps allow comfortable breathing and are very effective in filtering out the bacteria and viruses.


Disposable Bouffant Caps

Our Disposable Bouffant Caps have excellent air permeability with bacteria filtration efficiency. These are essential in hospitals and other critical locations as are effective in eliminating germs. We offer these caps in standard / universal sizes with color options of white, blue and green.

We take pride in providing Disposable Bouffant Caps to health and hospitality organizations like clinics, hospitals, hotels and resorts.

We have received excellent feedback from different professionals - factory supervisors, hospital staff and chefs at restaurants and hotels.

Disposable Surgeon Caps

Based on thorough research and meticulous design, our Disposable Surgeon Caps allow easy breathing and are very effective in filtering out the bacteria and provide good protection against contamination from the head/hair.

We have expertise to custom-design the perfect disposal head cover as per your exact requirements.

We can match all cost, quality and price parameters to maximize value for our clients.



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