Easy to Wear

Comfortable for Long Duration. Our Face Shield is perfect for long working hours.

Adjustment for Perfect Fit

To ensure total comfort, our Face Shields are flexible enough with scope for making adjustments for a perfect fit.

Maximize Protection

Our Face Shields provide maximum protection against bacteria and viruses by covering the eyes, nose and mouth.

Protective Face Shield

Comfortable Wear. Easy Breathing. Maximum Protection.

Make sure you are protecting your loved ones, colleagues and your communities by wearing Face Shields whenever you go out - to the grocery shop, the chemist, to workplace or while travelling

Face Shields provide comprehensive protection against coronavirus. Hence, Medical experts all over the world are strongly recommending Face shields over masks.

Long Lasting & Resusable

We use best of class materials to ensure a long life of these Face Shields. These can be daily or even after every specific use.  Washing instructions are simple: use a mild liquid soap with water.



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